Auto-Zone Control System Products

The Auto-Zone Systems utilize two different central operators interfaces. The Zone Manager, used for the Basic system, is mounted in an aluminum enclosure with keypad and display mounted on the front. It is designed for wall mounting in the equipment room or other similar space or it can be mounted to the casing of an indoor HVAC unit if desired. The Zone Manager is not suitable for outdoor mounting.

Basic Zone Manager

The Auto-Zone CV, CV-EX and Plus systems utilize the System Manager as the central operators interface. The System Manager has a plastic enclosure with keypad and display. The System Manager is designed for indoor wall mounting. The pleasing color scheme and design of the System Manager make it suitable for wall mounting with virtually any room decor.

System Manager

Features of the both central operators interfaces include:

  • Access and programming to the entire system
  • Access is password protected maintenance free keypads
  • 4 Line by 20 character display backlighted display is easy to read even in low light environments
  • Status LED's

The Zone Manager is the "Master Controller" for the Basic & Plus zone control functions. The Zone Manager calculates the heating and cooling requirements for each zone based on real time information received over the network from the Zone Controllers. The Zone Manager then directs the HVAC unit to provide the appropriate amount of heating, cooling, and ventilation to satisfy each zone's requirements. The Zone Manager also controls economizer and static pressure/bypass damper functions.

Plus Zone Manager

The Basic system Zone Manager comes mounted in an enclosure with a keypad & display. The Zone Manager for the Plus system comes mounted on a backplate for mounting in the HVAC unit or remotely.

Both Zone Managers include these features:

  • Controls two stages each of heating & cooling. The Plus system is capable of expanding to six stage control of heating and cooling with the optional staging expansion board.
  • 0-10 VDC economizer output and contact output for exhaust/relief fan(s)
  • Bypass damper/static pressure control
  • Digital input for change filter alarm
  • On board time clock for scheduling/night setback functions

Zone Controller

Both the Auto-Zone Basic and the Auto-Zone Plus System utilize the Zone Controller to calculate and provide air distribution to the various zones in the building. The Zone Controller monitors the space temperature and allocates the proper air flow into its assigned space to achieve desired comfort and ventilation levels. The zone controller modulates the actuator motor to move the round damper blade to the correct position to maintain the required airflow.

Zone Controller and Actuator Features:

  • Modular plug-in connections for actuator, flow sensor, & optional auxiliary relay board Reduces installation time and eliminates potential wiring errors
  • Optional relay board for control of auxiliary heat and series or parallel fan boxes
  • Controller automatically recognizes presence of flow sensor and auxiliary relay board at system power up and automatically configures controller to address those functions
  • Heavy duty, high reliability actuator with real-time feedback
  • Diagnostic LED's verify proper operation

Round Zone Damper

Our Round Zone Dampers feature:

  • Round Dampers are available for both Pressure Dependent and Independent Control using the same controller
  • Heavy gauge metal housing and damper blade.
  • Round Damper comes factory insulated reducing labor cost in the field.

Rectangular Zone Damper & Kit

The Rectangular Damper is used in applications where rectangular duct is specified or required because of space limitations or job requirements. The Rectangular Damper utilizes opposed blades of airfoil design for improved air flow control. Damper frame, blades and linkage are made of extruded aluminum. The Zone Controller and actuator are mounted in the rectangular damper kit. The Rectangular Damper Kit has a sheet metal enclosure and is designed for easy over the shaft mounting to the rectangular damper.

Our Rectangular Dampers feature:

  • Damper frame, blades and linkage are made of extruded aluminum
  • Blade pins are 7/16" hexagon shaped aluminum, fixed to a Celcon inner bearing that rotates within a polycarbonate outer bearing inserted in the damper frame
  • Damper linkage is mechanically assembled and located in the damper frame

Blade gaskets are of extruded EPDM material which are secured within an integral slot on the blade. Jamb seals are of extruded TPE material for low leakage through the damper when closed

CV Controller Board

The CV Controller is used in both the Auto-Zone Plus, CV and CV-EX systems. It is designed to control a single zone constant volume unit. The controller can be mounted in the control panel of the roof top unit or remotely.

CV Controllers Feature:

  • Four configurable relay outputs for heating/cooling control
  • Economizer output 0-10 VDC
  • Digital input for change filter alarm
  • On board time clock for scheduling and night setback functions
  • Unique alarming feature notifies you of heating or cooling failures

Room Sensors

WattMaster Room Sensors are so unique they are patented. The flush mounted sensor is tamper resistant and does not require a guard for protection. The sensors are Type III, 10K ohm thermistor.

The sensors are available in four configurations:

  • Sensor Only
  • Sensor with Override
  • Sensor with Setpoint Adjust
  • Sensor with Setpoint Adjustment & Override

Typical Add-on Device Board

In addition to the ability to connect and communicate with all the HVAC equipment on the building or facility, WattMaster Auto-Zone systems can be used to enhance HVAC equipment operation or control other equipment with the addition of various Add-on Devices available from WattMaster. These devices include the Wetbulb Module, Lighting Panel Controller, Optimal Start Scheduler, GPC and GPC-17.

The GPC or GPC-17 can be used for many applications including, but not limited to:

  • Control Unit Heaters
  • Control Boilers
  • Control Exhaust Fans
  • Monitor Temperature
  • Monitor Humidity

The Lighting Panel Controller can control up to 7 lighting circuits per controller.

The Optimal Start Scheduler provides extra scheduling capabilties beyond those found on the standard Auto-Zone controllers.

The Wetbulb Module provides wetbulb temperature monitoring and control of an economizer for your Auto-Zone System.

The Auto-Zone System products shown above are just a few of the products that are available.
Please contact your Auto-Zone representative for a full list of available products and pricing.